Game hangs at the end of races




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    Marc Andros

    I would like a refund for the gold I purchased or the car put into my account. I can't believe I spent this but couldn't get more to finish the races and there fore the money I spent went to waste

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    Jesse Mendoza

    If its the campaign or tuner races, I shrug it off. But it is frequently happening on blacklist event: underworld. I already spent almost 1K gold but I cant finish the event due to this bug. Last time, I only spent less than 500 gold to finish an event. Also, programming your 2nd and 3rd place racers to bump and grind my car to edge is like cheating. I will delete this app if this is not resolve. Thank you for your kind consideration. 

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    Nita Eduard

    It is still happening in 2.1. I had it 3 times in one hour, two time in the event. You really need to do something about this, at least take in consideration the result of the race or don't take the fuel in consideration.

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    Nico GB

    Hi there I'm racing with the skyline I won the race but keep freezing and saying I've lost as my pr is 54 unbelievable 

    i we'll lose the car for nothing yet again problem nothing to do with me .

    any help there 

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    Janssens Kurt

    This is not fixed for me after update 2.2.3 .It happend again in the special event 1 hour ago.This has cost me 2 cars and a decent amount of gold for now in the special event (don't even get me started about the rest of the races I won but stil lost, the many pr and gold i lost.I didn't want to complain but this is getting to much.If i lose this car again i woud like you guys to give me the car and I woud like a compensation for the previous ones.I have screen shot with date for al of this.Not a happy customer!!!

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    Reggie Busaing

    Im racing under blackridge rivals, rebel competition and local races.
    All have shown unpredictable hang after races.
    Im losing pr points, tickets because of the hangup. Im using golds to purchase tickets and only ending up with hangup game consuming the purchase tickets.
    Hopefully you could refund this as it happens at least 4x a day.
    No longer happy with this problem.

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    Andrew Sib

    Before last update i don't have such issues.But now than i win a race the results doesn't show sometimes and i can't play. Than this happens i need to close app and restart it again, but i loose my energy or ticket in a fastline. My smartphone is Samsung galaxy s7. Here is the video

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    Hay Justin

  • Good afternoon.
    Why does the game so often hang at the end of the race?
    How many times have I crossed the finish line but there was no synchronization and I was not protected by the victory? In any sections of the NFS no limits this happened. I demand compensation !!!!

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    Christopher Brown

    Rebel Gambit - Blackridge: 3 times now I have finished races and the load screen will not load. I log off the game, or, wait for it, with the same result. The result being that the game informs me I didn't finish the race and points will be deducted. Should already be on my second round of daily challenges and $11,000 richer. Please fix bug and add an update to make this right for users. 


    player profile: Hermes 

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    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to jump in here and thank you all for your patience while the game team works on this.

    I have been assured that it's definitely rectified in the next update, so fingers crossed. It sucks that it's been so long, its been a tough nut to crack.

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    Arno de Neef

    Still having issues with the game stopping Just after blackridge rivals races. This holds you back from earning rewards and reaching the next level. But mostly it is annoying as this only seems to happen after winning a race... Solving this issue would perfect this game.

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    Igor Kharin

    Тупое разводилово. Исправляете, а не отписки публикуйте. Уже с десяток билетов на событиях потерял из-за это херни

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    Hello everyone,

    On 2.2.3 version, the game is still having this issue... Loss of gold, event tickets, fuel, money, rewards... Please fix it !!! Thanks

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    Ruben Mena

    Ya es tercera vez que en las carreras de temporada que gasto los tickets de la competencia y se queda trabado y no me da la recompensa ni el dinero de la carrera si van a estar asi mejor desinstalo el juego y busco que tenga mejor soporte que solo dejar un comentario

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