Sims FreePlay Update 5.27 - French Romance (Free reverse ageing, Tropical Romance Island)




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    Added new FAQ:

    Why can't I use the craft stations?

    The Live Event is currently over. From February 13th until February 16th there is a grace period where you are able to continue to purchase prizes using existing resources or Social Points, however you cannot continue to collect arts/crafts or resources. This may appear as if you can't place or use a craft station. 

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    Added new FAQ.

    Why can't I start the Tropical Romance Island event?

    The Tropical Romance Island Event has not yet begun. It will begin within the next few weeks! Don't worry, we will make sure to alert you when it is starting soon and also when it has begun. To access the event when it is ready, head to the Event Boat in the East of the town (on the river near the bridge to Mystery Island). 

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