New City Location, and a Buildable Amusement Park!

I had an idea for a new location - a city location! It could be further inland, and have luxury high rise condos that Sims can live in, new buildable career and community locations that look like high rises (Such as Radio Station Commentator/Journalist/Chef careers, and community locations that you can visit such as a Cinema, Spa). It could also be cool to have a new park location, and move the nightclub from Sim Town to Sim City, or maybe even add some more clubs!

The residential lots could have more floors than in SimTown, and it would be a perfect time to introduce more stairs or elevators!

The most exciting standout feature of Sim City could be an Amusement Park! But the idea is that it would be more than just a community location! The Amusement Park could be on the outskirts of Sim City, and what would make this lot so special and unique is that instead of being a typical Community lot, it would be owned and be editable by the players, like a residential lot!

There could be different types of attractions - slow rides, roller coasters, concession stands, and carnival rides. Concession stands would sell food and drinks to keep your Sims' Hunger need up, and carnival rides include things like a Ferris wheel, carousel, or "teacups." But the slow rides and roller coasters would be fully customizable by the player! The layout of the track could be made by purchasing individual pieces, such as straight pieces, large/small turns, steep/gentle inclines and drops, loops, etc. And hills and drops can be placed on top of one another by changing what "floor" you're viewing, so you can build over the roofs of any buildings or over concession stands, etc.!

Once the lot is purchased, the player could also have the power to customize nearly everything. Here are some things that they could customize:

  • The theme of the park (The atmosphere, grass, and lot borders will change to match themes like Classic, Spooky, Futuristic, Medieval, etc.)

  • Laying down different combinations of different types of paths around the park, kind of like a combination of floor tiles and pools but these could be any size we want..

  • The size of the ride cars, and the theme of the cars

As the amusement park is used more and more by the Sims, it will generate a larger and larger bonus to be collected on the town revenue bonuses! Another idea I had for the amusement park would be that it starts off the size of 1 or 2 premium lots, but as the park does better, more plots of land could be purchased to expand the size of the park! Even if a Sim City is not made, amusement parks would be awesome to have in Sims FreePlay, especially since The Sims 3 Store is releasing a new world with glamorous highrises and also includes brand-new roller coaster pieces to assemble your own coaster and other amusement park items!


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Oops haha when I typed this on my iPad there were paragraphs. :3

But yeah I also thought that in this update, the idea of introducing balconies, columns, and floors above the ground could be introduced.

I find it a little weird to only be able to build buildings that have multiple stories going straight up, and everything has to be enclosed inside the walls. If we put columns down, we could build floors above them within a certain radius, like in The Sims! And also what if we could build balconies, and add fences around them instead of full walls? That would be fun for the high rises, and by combining this with some other stuff, we could probably make party decks with pools, hot tubs, etc.!

(These ideas don't have to all be together. I think most of these ideas don't need a city location - they'd all work perfectly fine on their own, but I think it would be cooler and so much more exciting to have all of this and a brand-new city!)


Honestly, I think you're asking a lot from the developers of a free game. The amusement park you describe already exists, it's called Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Dale Williams

Well, I know this is a lot, but I'm not asking for all of it.
This game is huge as it is! If they were going to add all of this stuff, it can be one step at a time. But the one thing I really want to see is the amusement park!

The creators are entirely awesome. Each update that comes out astounds me at how hard they work to bring us so much for free.
But in any case, these are still ideas. No "Gimme all of this, or gimme nothing at all!" :)


New City
Sunset Valley
Moonlights Fall
Starlight Shore
Barnacles Bays

Darien Chong

I've been trying Sim City Build-it, and I've discovered a REAL problem. I've been feverishly searching for days on end fir a bulldozer bucket. I had 7 saved up yesterday. I did NOT list any if them, or the hydraulic systems, and the big golden gears. I just looked at my inventory, and I have NO buckets, golden fears, and only 1 HS. Who's taking my items without my permission? I guess EA doesn't give a damn about taking from their non-paying members, even though I've already spent thousands on in-app purchases. They took ALL of my money once from SFP. So, I'm not surprised.

Ar Neal